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Tel: 01495 370209

Fax: 01495 371697

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Tel: 01495 370209


Cwm Health Centre

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Health Centre, Canning Street, Cwm,
Ebbw Vale, NP23 7RW

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How Do I...

Register with the practice

To register at Cwm Health Centre you must be a resident in Cwm, Ebbw Vale or Beaufort. Please ring the main Health Centre telephone number of 01495 370209 or call in for further details.

How to book an appointment

Routine appointments
If you want to book an appointment at a particular time, with doctor or nurse, you can book ahead. We offer a wide range of appointments starting at 7.30am.

Urgent appointments
If you have a problem which you feel needs dealing with on the same day then please tell the receptionists - they will try and find a suitable appointment for you. They may sometimes ask you to explain briefly what the problem is - this is not because they are being nosy, it is so that they can find the most suitable appointment with the most suitable person! You do not have to tell the receptionist what the problem is if you would rather not.

We try our best to provide urgent appointments but it can be very difficult sometimes. We are grateful to patients for not abusing urgent appointments.

Telephone appointments
If you would like to speak to the doctor or nurse by phone then please ask the receptionist for a telephone consultation appointment.

Home visits
If you think you will need a home visit then please let the surgery know before 10.30am or as soon as possible. The doctor, or nurse, may telephone you beforehand to find out more about the problem. The decision to visit is at the discretion of the doctor. We do not normally visit children at home as we believe we can assess their health more safely at the surgery.

Book an ambulance

If your request is for an emergency then dial 999.

This page explains how to book routine ambulance transport to get you to hospital for a pre-arranged appointment, or admission.

The ambulance service will only provide transport if

  • You need a stretcher to get to hospital or
  • You can't walk unaided or without the assistance of ambulance staff or
  • Your doctor feels that you need transport due to your medical condition or
  • You do not have any friends or family who are able to take you for your appointment.

The ambulance service requires at least 48 hours notice to arrange transport. If you are eligible please telephone 0800 32 82 332 to make arrangements with the transport service.

Sick Notes

First Week
For the first week of sickness you do not need a sicknote from your doctor. You can certify your sickness using a form, called 'SC2' available from your employer, or the benefits agency. Alternatively, you can download a copy by clicking here

After the first week
You will need a sick note from your doctor. You will need to book an appointment by contacting the Health Centre.

Private Sick Notes
Unfortunately some employers insist on a sick note from a doctor even if you have been off work for less than 1 week. Providing a sick-note under these circumstances is not a legal requirement, and is not provided for by the NHS. Providing these notes takes your doctor away from providing valuable NHS services and as a result we may have to charge for issuing private sick notes.

Medical and Insurance Forms

All medical and insurance forms should be directed to:

Dr A C Mohindru / Dr D Chopra
Health Centre
Canning Street
Ebbw Vale
NP23 7RW

Tel. 01495 370209

A fee is payable for the completion of some forms, as these are not covered by the NHS. We charge the nationally recommended fees where applicable and Mrs Claire Dance will be able to give more details about individual requests.

How do I make a complaint, comment or suggestion ?

We try to provide an efficient and reliable service at all times. Despite this, from time to time, things may go wrong. We welcome your comments so that we can improve our service.

If you would like to make a complaint you should write to Mrs Claire Dance, Senior Administrator, Dr A C Mohindru, Dr D Chopra, or contact the Community Health Council.

Please note that we can only investigate complaints made in writing. If necessary we will help you write down your complaint. Alternatively, you can ask a friend or relative to write on your behalf but they must include your signed permission.

Please tell us in as much detail as possible about what has gone wrong, and what you would like to be done.

If you would like to receive more information about our complaints procedure please contact the Practice Manager who will provide you with a copy of our complaints policy.

We would also like to hear from patients when we have done a particularly good job!

How do I access my medical records ?

If you wish to access your medical records held at the Surgery then we suggest, in the first instance, that you discuss your wish with Dr Mohindru or Dr D Chopra - he may be able to tell you the information you wish to know without you having to request a copy of your notes.

If you do not wish to discuss your request with your doctors then please contact Mrs Claire Dance (Senior Administrator) who will be able to help you further.

We comply fully with the Access to Medical Records legislation. If you require a copy of your notes there will be a charge to cover the photocopying and printing costs, in keeping with the legislation.

If your enquiry is with regard to your hospital records you will need to discuss this further with the Access to Medical Records officer at the hospital who will help you further.






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